Sunday, June 17, 2018 – Lesson 1 – An Overview

Meditation Simplified


It is important that when we sit in meditation the body and mind is both unmoving. In the midst of this stillness, through constant practice, there is higher possibility to uncover our inherent wisdom.

Sitting in meditation can be described as ‘bitter sweet’. It is bitter in the initial stage due to the physical and mental discomfort. But through perseverance, the bitterness eventually becomes sweet. The sweetness starts when one experiences ‘light ease’ and progressing to being absorbed in comfort and bliss while sitting. It is this comfort and ease that many practitioners have been side tracked from progressing further.

The practitioner must be fully aware that ultimately the purpose of meditation is to realize our inherent wisdom.

Why is it important to realize our inherent wisdom? It is because when we do uncover our inherent wisdom, we will dwell in eternal tranquility. We will think, speak and behave wisely at all times because we have effectively become united with our true self nature.


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