Sunday, June 24, 2018 – Meditation simplified: Lesson 2 – The Mindset


The practice of Chan is more than just sitting. The mindset of the practitioner will determine how far he will progress.

The practitioner of Chan meditation must have a mindset that there is the innate nature within him that is truly wholesome – also called the Buddhanature which presently is obstructed because of the multitudinous false and random thoughts and attachments to phenomena.

Accordingly he believes in himself and his own ability to uncover this innate wisdom. His trust in the practice of Chan meditation is unwavering. He is totally dedicated to his practice at all times without pause. Nothing else is more important than to understand the mind and see the self nature.

He is patiently unmoving because he is willing to undergo difficulties which he sees are no different than pleasure because ‘pain and pleasure’ comes from the same source – the false discriminating conscious mind. He is able to ‘endure what others cannot endure’ because he is convinced that this very existence is dreamlike and illusory.


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